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Like most automotive projects, this one is hungry for a lot of little pieces. Because we are using the best of two cars, most of these pieces are on hand, but in a little rougher condition than I would like to use. If anyone has any of these as NOS or very nice used, please email me at "mike at". Just remember to replace the "at" with a "@" (I put my email address up like this to confuse the spambots).
  1. P1800 Emblem - You can tell by our logo that the emblem is a little rough.

  2. Trim - We are presently looking for the chrome door guard spears for both sides.

  3. Bumper Center Sections

  4. Windshield AL gasket trim

  5. Rear Window Gasket Trim

  6. Headlight Trim Rings

  7. Front Turn Signal Trim Rings

  8. Rear License Plate Light Housing

  9. Stock Style Exhaust System

  10. Original Style Black Leather Seat Covers

  11. Black Foot Well Panels With Pockets

  12. Replacement Black Door Armrests

  13. Black Carpet Set

  14. Vinyl Wheel Well Covers

  15. Replacement Chrome Gauge Bezels - Mine, like most, are pitted.

  16. V-O-L-V-O Lettering